Lonely little ghost squirrel… gracefully light leaping through forgotten underworlds


No. 422 #dailycafevideo - 11.1.12
ARTIST: All India Radio / Oh Yeah Wow
SUBMITTED: jillykatz

The Shoes - Time to Dance

"Combine the best band in France right now, acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe, production by Somesuch & Co, and one of the hottest young actors on the planet and you’re sure to get a banging filmclip.

We scored the world premiere of The Shoes newest video which features Jake Gyllenhaal as a disturbed killing machine who chases his victims up fire escapes, into back alleys, and through strip clubs before he violently slays them.”


No. 421 #dailycafevideo - 3.15.12
ARTIST: Daniel Wolfe / Somesuch & Co / The Shoes / Jake Gyllenhaal

New record, "True North" release!! What, what!?

I’m very happy to release my first solo record… I’d love to know what you guys think.
Click the title to check it out. Thanks for the support!

True North Cover Art

Hey everybody! I’m excited to share one of the singles from my new record I’m releasing in a week. Tell me what you think :)


When the walls come down, sound puts them back in place.
You are my crime.
When the memory glows, I watch the record spin.
You are my crime.

Yet another, 3 a.m. trapped within singing. Just trust me.

You are my crime.
I’m in prison, you captivate my time.
You are my crime.

Yet another, 3 a.m. trapped within singing. Just trust me.
Run for cover, there’s a war inside, my head won’t stop ringing. In my dreams.


Music & Lyrics by C. Vincent Plummer
Produced, mixed, & mastered by Dave Devine.

All instruments were played by either CVP or Dave Devine. All tracking was done in their Los Angeles & Denver apartments/dungeons. Special thanks to Michael Bailey for letting us commandeer his personal headspace, house, and gear.

Top 50 Songs of 2011 (Click to listen)

Vintage Red Music - Logo

As the New Year rolls in… I’m grateful to the artists that made these songs last year.

J. Dilla - Geekdown

An animation I think Dilla woulda dug.


No. 419 #dailycafevideo - 12.28.11
ARTIST: j. dilla / steve smith

The High Price of Materialism

Today’s “get active” message is sponsored by an evil pogo stick corporation. 


No. 418 #dailycafevideo - 12.27.11
ARTIST: Center for a New American DreamTim KasserSquid and Beard

Beats Antique - Revival

So, when you get a phone call in your paper tree house from a set of plastic lips… there’s not much you can do when they tell you that ‘the dance is dead.’ It’s now clearly your duty to battle gigantic waves with the sole purpose of inserting a steam punk heart in the gypsy’s shadow puppet secret space. Maybe you’ll come out unscathed or maybe she’ll cast a spell on you in 3D. I dunno. All I know is Bambi is confused.

No. 417 #dailycafevideo - 12.24.11

ARTIST: Beats Antique / Ivan Landau


A rhythmic display of prestidigitation and hand smash box bleaching… check his other video ‘Frictions,’ here. <—- Enter the Tai Chi matrix of post-it notes. Btw, who knows how to find frenchy music smashes ‘Nodey & Omar’ on the interwebs?

No. 416 #dailycafevideo - 12.21.11

ARTIST: Steven Briand / Nodey & Omar / Partizan

Figure / *Asterisk

Geography never looked so hip.

No. 415 #dailycafevideo - 12.20.11

ARTIST: *Asterisk / Meisai / Manuke / Kariu Kenji

Enter the Circus

Silly paper bunny got caught smelling the funny colored smoke again.

No. 414 #dailycafevideo - 12.19.11

ARTIST: izzy b

Beyoncé - Countdown

I usually don’t swim up the mainstream… but the video direction of Beyoncé has been doing it for me lately.

No. 413 #dailycafevideo - 12.18.11

ARTIST: Beyoncé / Adria Petty

Welcome to Kitty City

What!? There’s been an invasion of robotic pussy power… 

No. 412 #dailycafevideo - 12.17.11

ARTIST: Cyriak 

The Maccabees - Pelican

What kind of recognizable space trash would you find on your life’s galactic time line?

No. 411 #dailycafevideo - 12.16.11

ARTIST: The Maccabees / David WilsonPolydor Records